Our prices start from as little as just £15 for a simple bath and brush, and from £25 for clipping and hand stripping. Please read on...

Top quality shampoos are always used and if your pet requires any special shampoo needs or if you prefer to use your own shampoo because of skin conditions e.g. Malaseb this is not a problem.

Barking Mad Grooming

Wash and Go Specials

Available on Pet Training Days
(Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Price includes a thorough wash and a towel/blow dry... just the thing after a fun muddy session of dog training. Booking available or you can chance your arm and poke your head in to see if we have spaces!!!

Toy/Little Dogs - £5
Med (lab size) - £15
Large (GSD size) - from £20

Wash and Go Service

If your pet just needs a wash and dry then these prices are a guide.

I do a Flea Wash which is the same price as a wash and go.

Brush Bath and Dry

Toy/Small - £15 - £18
Medium (Lab) £18 - £21
Large (GSD)£24 - £30
Extra Large (Newfoundland) from £40

Example of Full Dog Grooming Costs:

- Lab £20

- West Highland Terrier: £30
- Lhasa Apso: £30
- Shih Tzu: £30
- Poodles: starting from £30 (Min/Toy & Standard)
- Bichon Frise: £32
- Cross breeds (laboradoodle) - Clipping - from £30
- Hand stripping starts from £30
- if your breed isn't mentioned here, please read the below...!

Extra services

Nail Trim Only - £10
Anal Glands - £10
Teeth cleaning - £10 - £15 dependant on severity

However as each dog and dog owner have different requirements, we really need to speak to you first in order to give you accurate price. Bigger dogs will naturally differ to smaller dogs, but also a dog’s breed and even your own preferences will have an effect on the overall cost of dog grooming.

Dog grooming price list

I have listed a price list according to breed type but if you have any special requirements or as I've mentioned below if the dog is very matted this could vary.

Collection and Drop Off Service

As opposed to us coming to you, why not find out about our collection and drop off service? This really takes any hassle out of the whole process as we can collect and drop off your best friend at a time to suite you (within reason of course!). This normally happens if I am unable to park or there is some difficulty in plugging the lead into your house. Final prices will vary depending on where you live with this service, so call us now for a quick, friendly chat and to get a price.

At Grooms we really pride ourselves on providing an individual and tailored service for each and every client. I have listed a guide price as a starting point and normally the prices are as near to this but sometimes it can differ slightly due to coat texture and as mentioned below whether coat is tangled or matted. If your dog's coat is matted then this could change the price dependant on how bad the matting is.

If your breed isn't mentioned above and to find out dog grooming prices for your own dog, simply call Val on 07771 222112 or contact us via the contact us section. A simple no obligation consultation is all that is needed to get costs specifically for you and your dog.

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