• Convenience because I come to you.
  • I am a fully qualified groomer with years of experience. I groom all breeds and sizes of dogs to the required breed standard. I also clear anal glands which isn't particularly pleasant but is imperative to some dogs so this will be discussed at consultation.
  • My prices are reasonable and realistic with the current climate.
  • With rising fuel costs no more costly visits to the static grooming sites.
  • All grooming is carried out at your door in my specially converted mobile grooming parlour.
  • Your dog will be groomed on a one to one basis and not surrounded by other dogs which will create less stress and anxiety for your beloved pet.
  • You are more than welcome to either leave your pet with me or you can watch your pet being groomed whichever is more suitable for you or your dog.
  • All dogs are hand dried and not cage dried. Many dogs do not like the dryer so If this is the case I will towel dry.
  • All the products used are top quality products from either Groomers or Mutneys (links to these companies are on my links page).
  • If your dog has sensitive skin or skin problems I can use your own medicated shampoo, this would be discussed in the consultation before grooming commences.

Grooms provides all of the services that you would expect from a traditional grooming service with far more convenience, together with a host of additional benefits.




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