From the middle of April I will be up at Barking Mad on a regular basis. I have updated my prices and Barking Mad will produce a schedule for the day with timings so people can book themselves in either for a full groom or a wash. I will alternate full grooms and washes per Saturday

Full Groom

Small dog (eg chihuahua, yorkie) £25.00-£35

Medium Dog (eg cocker, cockerpoo) £35.00-£40.00

Large Dog (eg labradoodle, golden retriever) £40.00-£50.00)

Extra large (e.g Old English, Goldendoodle) £55-£70

Bath and Brush

Small Dog (jrt, pug) £20

Medium Dog (staffy, lab) £25-£30

Large Dog (Mastiff, Husky) £45-£50

A wash and go which is only for Barking Mad customers, which consists of a good wash and towel dry £15.00

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